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Which type of hearing protection device?

The comparison table of HPD (hearing protection devices) is a tool with 21 criteria (economical aspect, set up, use, comfort, performance, etc.) to classify the type(s) of hearing protection devices that are most suited to a situation, environment, etc. A score is assigned to the hearing protection devices for each criterion. This allocation is described in the explanatory documentation, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Some values can be modified to be better suited to your specific case. Similarly, each criterion may be weighted according to your own criteria.

Explanatory note of the table


This app is not available on mobile devices.

HearingProTech is a department of Arta Group. Its mission is to perform and disseminate research, analyses, and tools to aid in the selection of personal hearing protection devices. Composed of technical and scientific experts, HearingProTech aims to advance knowledge in this area and make it more easily accessible.