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SAPAN method - Assisting in the selection of personal hearing protection device

Choose the most suitable personal hearing protection device according to the user's environment and specificities from a database of more than 400 models.

Sapan method is an aid for selecting a personal hearing protection device that is best suited to the specificities and constraints of a user. It helps describe the noise exposure level, the demands of perception of the sound environment, possible hearing loss, the simultaneous wearing of other personal hearing protection devices that may have an impact on the effectiveness of the concerned hearing protection device, etc., while conforming to the different directives, laws, standards, and recommendations.

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HearingProTech is a department of Arta Group. Its mission is to perform and disseminate research, analyses, and tools to aid in the selection of personal hearing protection devices. Composed of technical and scientific experts, HearingProTech aims to advance knowledge in this area and make it more easily accessible.