Studies and publications on hearing protection and noise

Select a personal hearing protection device with uniform response to attenuation

The importance of protecting one's hearing is widely known. Despite this, how many people protect their ears during a concert? Look around you: 3 percent, 5 percent? A significant amount of awareness is yet to be created, and not just among youngsters.

Attending a concert, communicating, etc. with conventional hearing protection devices is rather risky. The distortion resulting from a classic attenuation interferes with the proper perception of sound. A hearing protection device with uniform response is THE solution that will enable faithful perception of sound while ensuring protection.

A hearing protection device with uniform response should provide an identical attenuation on each frequency band. This uniformity will allow a faithful reproduction of sound by reducing the noise level.
Many products claim to meet the needs of users who seek "natural" hearing protection.
If some manufacturers benefit from the ignorance of their customers by offering them products that are no more uniform than a simple foam earplug, many other products offer a good listening quality that comes very close to the original sound transmission, while limiting the risk of hearing loss.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with key information to select the most suitable hearing protection device, depending on your budget, noise exposure, and duration of exposure.

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