Have a real representation of the sound level that employees are exposed to, depending on the intensity produced by each machine that surrounds them.

Icône ExcelDownload the calculator "Add several noise levels"

Assess the daily noise exposure (LEX8h) for employees who change jobs in a given day. In the table, if you enter the intensity of sound and duration of exposure of an employee, the daily exposure will be calculated automatically.

Download the calculator "Daily exposure to noise"

Estimate the actual noise directly at the sound source by indicating the recorded noise level.

Icône ExcelDownload the calculator "Estimation of noise at source"

When sound levels exceed 115 dB (A), no single hearing protection device can adequately protect the employee. Double protection then becomes necessary. This calculator estimates the potential gain with double protection.

Icône-ExcelDownload the calculator "Estimation of the attenuation level of double protection"

Estimate the ideal attenuation level, based on the sound environment of the employee.

Download the calculator "Estimation of the attenuation level required for a HPD"

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